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CEI was founded in 1974 by Elizabeth Thorndike as the Center for Environmental Information. Its original mission was to act as a clearinghouse for environmental information and a convener of experts as an enabler to solve serious problems such as Acid Rain Deposition. Over the decades, the organization's mission evolved and, since 2000, CEI has undertaken focused initiatives to improve water quality in the Lake Ontario Basin, achieve wise use of energy, promote green business, reduce the use of toxic materials and improve air quality.

CEI is seeking funding to use its proven approach to achieve the new broad and ambitious strategy outlined in this document. CEI will continue to work with citizens, organizations, institutions, government and businesses to achieve its goals through:

  • Education: Outreach to a wide range of stakeholders, increasing understanding and appreciation of the issues.
  • Collaboration: Establish partnerships with appropriate stakeholders to define problems and develop solutions.
  • Informed Action: Implement initiatives and projects supported by our partners and aimed at achieving our goals.

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