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Genesee RiverWatch Vision, Mission


Our long term vision is a Genesee River Basin whose water quality is fully restored, whose rivers and streams are accessible and celebrated, whose beaches are open for swimming and in which economic development both benefits from and contributes to the water quality of our region.

Our Mission: We will advance this vision by

  1. Developing and maintaining regional partnerships to identify and prioritize restoration options and leverage the full influence and capacity of the region.
  2. Promoting public interest, education and active involvement in the health of the watershed and in projects that will improve water quality and use of the river and its tributaries.
  3. Monitoring and publishing water quality information using “report cards” on the watersheds that will promote fact-based decision making.
  4. Developing priority restoration projects with emphasis on technology solutions where appropriate and attracting funding to implement those projects.
  5. Advocating for appropriate regulation and compliance using education and collaboration as the preferred tools.
  6. Developing a sustainable organization via fundraising and volunteer efforts, recognizing that volunteer efforts (in-kind support) will be a sustaining feature of the organization for some time to come.

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