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DEC is announcing that a report on investigation of the lower Genesee River is now available. The investigation assessed the effects of historic releases from Kodak’s operations at the Eastman Business Park (EBP) located in Rochester, New York. The investigation identified EBP-related contamination of certain river sediments, wetland/floodplain soils, and biota (fish/mussels) that has the potential to adversely affect ecological receptors at some locations. The investigation also identified the potential for human exposures to EBP-related contaminated wetland/floodplain soils and biota (fish/mussels). The primary EBP-related contaminant of concern is silver. While the potential for adverse risk to ecological and human receptors appears to be relatively low and localized, DEC will undertake a Corrective Measures Study (CMS) to further evaluate these exposure pathways, and to identify and evaluate possible cleanup options that could be taken to reduce exposures.
The CMS step will involve work plan development, implementation and reporting. DEC also expects that additional environmental sampling will need to be performed in 2017 to gather information necessary to effectively identify and evaluate possible cleanup options. DEC expects the CMS report that follows in 2018 will provide a basis for a proposed remedy for releases to the Genesee River associated with Kodak’s historic operations at Eastman Business Park. DEC will seek public comment on the proposed remedy before making a final remedy determination for the lower Genesee River.

This work is funded through an environmental trust created during settlement of Kodak’s bankruptcy. DEC is administering the environmental trust and directing the investigation and remedial assessment of the lower Genesee River.

The investigation included:
• Sampling and chemical analyses of sediment, surface water, and suspended sediment in the lower river, wetland-floodplain soils adjoining the lower river, benthic macroinvertebrates (e.g., mussels) and fish
• Physical characterizations of the river channel, river flows and potential historic and cultural resources in the river
• Assessing sediment toxicity
• Assessing groundwater conditions at the Kings Landing (EBP) Wastewater Treatment Plant
• Assessing sediment bed mobility
• Assessing upstream sites potentially impacting the lower river
• Assessing types and diversity of benthic macroinvertebrates and fish in the lower river

The investigation report can be accessed through DEC’s website:
The investigation report is also available at the document repositories listed below.
This project is being handled under DEC’s Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) regulatory program that requires cleanups (corrective action) for environmental releases from operating hazardous waste management facilities like the Eastman Business Park site.

Where to Find Information – Document Repositories
Project documents are also available at the following location(s) to help the public to stay informed.
Maplewood Community Library
1111 Dewey Ave
Rochester, NY 14613
Greece Public Library
2 Vince Tofany Blvd
Rochester, NY 14612
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