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On Dec 2nd, members of Genesee RiverWatch joined staff from the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) as they reviewed streambank conditions in Black Creek, a major tributary to the Genesee River. Eroding streambanks result in poor water quality as suspended sediment interferes with the ability of light to penetrate the water, contains phosphorus and nitrogen that adds to the problem of excess nutrients, and sediment that settles on streambeds destroys habitat for aquatic organisms.” Genesee RiverWatch plans to work with the Black Creek Watershed Coalition to use the forthcoming USACE report as a basis to identify and implement priority streambank restoration projects.

Please see our Streambank Stabilization Plan for the Upper Genesee River Basin, where we partnered with the USACE and other organizations to assess streambank stabilization needs for the Town of Caneadea.

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