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Restoration Initiatives conducted by CEI and our partners.


Folder Active Water Quality Restoration Projects

Active Water Quality Restoration Projects as of August 2014

Folder SUNY Brockport Study

SUNY Brockport's Genesee River Watershed Project

Folder Black Creek WQRS

Lake Ontario Basin TMDL Project

What is a TMDL?

Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) is a regulatory term in the U.S. Clean Water Act (CWA), describing a value of the maximum amount of a pollutant that a body of water can receive while still meeting water quality standards.

While TMDLs have been previously prepared for lakes, ponds, and embayments in New York State, none have been prepared for streams. CEI has been commissioned to prepare TDMLs on several streams listed as impaired and tributary to Lake Ontario in western New York.

TMDL Fact Sheets

Water Quality Restoration Strategy (WQRS)

A WQRS is intended to provide quantitative guidance for watershed planning and implementation of measures to restore water quality. It includes documentation of existing loadings, potential watershed restoration endpoints, and phosphorus allocation options and scenarios.

Final Documents

Phase One of the project is complete and the final WQRS documents are provided below:

WQRS 2011 Upper Black Creek

WQRS 2011 Lower Black Creek

Data Reports

Data Reports that support each of the WQRSs are provided below:

DR 2011 Upper Black Creek

DR 2011 Lower Black Creek

Public Meetings

Over the past year intensive work has been done by the Center for Environmental Initiatives (CEI) to understand potential sources of phosphorus in these creeks that have led to impaired water quality. The results of this investigation were presented along with the results of a computer model that has been developed to mimic the stream's water quality. Options for the most cost effective watershed changes to restore water quality were presented. Ample opportunity was provided for input from all interested stakeholders.

Public Meeting presentations are provided below:

Public Meetings - October 2011

Black Creek Watershed Presentation

Public Meetings - April 2011

Black Creek Watershed Presentation

Folder Assist with Project Definition

CEI has expertise and experience in all aspects of project definition. We are available to help any organization to identify and prioritize actions necessary to improve water quality in your watershed. CEI can also suggest potential funding sources and assist your organization in applying for that funding by partnering with you on the project to writing a complete grant proposal. Contact our Executive Director, George Thomas, if you are interested is discussing this further.